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It’s the 21st century, and everyone’s on their mobiles! And so should your ads. That’s why we will list potential mobile advertising networks for you to consider when you are about to monetize your websites mobile traffic. Advertising networks are all adapting to this day and age and one thing for sure is that they are focusing on formats for mobile users. If you feel unsure of how to get the best out of your mobile advertising network, then please read our complete guide on the major networks out there today.

Is monetizing mobile different?

The simple answer to that questions is no, it’s not different to monetize your desktop traffic. But the more complicated answer is well, you guessed it, a bit more complicated. The principles are the same, but the formats you can run is a bit different. Most formats are fine and they can be tweaked so they can be run on mobiles and tablets.

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Banners are fine to run on your mobile traffic, as long as they are responsive and the right size. There are loads of different variations when it comes to banners for mobile. The mobile advertising network that you choose will help you with what works best for their other publishers.



The interstitial ad, also known as the overlay ad became popular a few years back. However, the best is to check the guidelines from Google and other search engines. The ad itself is a good way to add an extra income to your site. Just like the pop-under that we will get in the next section.

monetize your mobile traffic

Pop-under for mobile

One ad format growing in popularity is the pop-under for mobile. It’s also known as a site-under or what some mobile advertising networks call it “leave-behind”.  It’s becoming more and more popular due to the rates it can achieve for publishers. The pop-under format gives instant results for advertisers, which means they are likely to pay more to get on your site – which will earn you higher revenue. And just like the interstitial ad, it doesn’t have any impact on your current inventory. You will just add an extra revenue to the site, and not sacrifice any space that you currently monetizing.


Conclusion – Mobile Advertising Networks

Choose the network for your mobile ads like you choose the one for your desktop traffic. It’s important you check the networks we have stated here on our guide to advertising networks also providing monetization solutions for mobile. One of the best networks our there is definately Popads.

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