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Best CPC network

Social media is changing how we advertise. Gone are the days when companies would spend millions of dollars on billboards, fliers and television ads. In 2016 one third of all advertising revenues went to digital platforms. It is critical that you understand the right channel to use when advertising; each channel has its own set of challenges. You will need to carefully study your target audience before engaging any CPC ad network.

best cpc networks

Cost per click (CPC) is synonymous with PPC (Pay per click); the two words can be used interchangeably. CPC is a way through which marketers advertise their products in publisher website and they pay whenever an ad is clicked. Unlike the CPM where you pay per 1,000 impressions with the CPC you get to pay the publisher once a click has been made. The quality score and keyword bids will greatly influence the cost of the CPC. Another common method is CPM which you can read more about on our page about the topic here.

The top CPC networks will assist you to make the best from your ad campaign. They will offer you a high traffic website and strategies to get the most number of conversions for you ads. This is usually an ongoing relationship where you get feedback from customers and then readjust your campaigns.

How to make gets the best results from CPC advertising

  • Find the best ad CPC network

You will have to do your market research well to identify a top rated CPC provider. If you are running a very long campaign you may not have the time to follow trends and keep abreast with all activities that concern your ad. That is why you need to work with a top CPC network like us. We have a team of experts who will carefully study your product and target audience in an effort to come up with the best ad campaign. You will also be provided with various market trend analyses to check your ad progress.

  • Finding the right keywords

Customers will find you through relevant keywords that you deploy. Broad keywords are easy to create but they may cost higher per click and may eventually not produce the required results. It is advisable to more focused keywords. For example, instead of cooking have a focused keyword like “cooking recipes for singles”. This will ensure you target your audience which will result in higher conversions.

You should increase your budget to keywords that are giving you a higher rate of return and remove keywords with a lower conversion ratio.

  • Adaptation

For you to run a successful CPC campaign you have to be able to adjust your ads with any changes in the market. Do not be rigid but study the customer feedback carefully. Look out for changes in competitor’s keywords and consumer trends. Also stick to your budget; ad costs should always be lower than the profit.

At times competitors may be generating junk traffic, which may seem good at the time but it can lead to a significant increase in your budget. Google has however increased their surveillance in an effort to curb the practice.

  • Focus

For the ad campaign to be effective you have to set clear goals on what you want the CPC campaign to accomplish. You can sit down with your CPC ad network to come up with an effective strategy. While CPC advertising can be cost effective the budget can go up if you do not know what you are looking for. Clearly, define your target audience and craft keywords that will give you the most conversions.

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Advantages of CPC

  • Simple way to generate traffic quickly

The CPC is very simple to understand and set up; you get to pay once the ad goes live and it is per click. If the publisher’s website has traffic you should see immediate results very soon.

  • Results are easy to measure

There various metrics you can use to measure conversion ratios and profit. You can see how many people saw the ad, number of clicks and how viewers reacted to the ad. This lets you make crucial changes whenever the need arises.

  • Control

With the CPC you have full control of the ad as a marketer. You can decide where you want the ad to appear, specify a target audience and the kind of keywords you want associated with the ad. This control helps you run an effective marketing campaign that reaches a specific audience.

  • Cost effective

A typical CPC can cost you $0.10, if this leads to a conversion of a $100 product then you have made a tidy profit at a fraction of the cost. With a CPC ad network you can easily test certain keywords for the landing page. CPC lets maximize on your Return on Investment because you can track conversions, manage conversions and have a specific target audience. The downside is if done badly it can cost you when you start bidding for keywords with your competitors. This is in an effort to get to the very top in ad listings, you may find yourself overspending.

CPC is a very cost effective way to reach potential customers and increase your brand visibility. It is however crucial to select top rated CPC networks who will run the ad campaign on your behalf. With the right CPC ad network you are able to reach a wider target audience at a fraction of the cost. Check for CPC ad networks with a lot of traffic to their websites.cpc network


Conclusion on Best CPC Networks

Marketing is all about adaptability so do not be discouraged when your ad campaign does not bring the desired results. The best CPC ad networks usually provide you with metrics to see how your ad is performing. Be willing to adjust your keywords to reflect any changes in consumer behavior. You should also stick to your budget and reduce the urge to over bid for popular keywords. You may think that be overpaying for keywords you will have higher conversion ratios but this is not the case.

You can talk to us if you are looking for a top-rated CPC ad network and we will help you maximize your CPC conversion rates.

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