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How do you monetize your website today? Are you an active adflipper, or are you the laid back- "I'll leave my ads as they always been" type of guy?

If you are active and shopping around the advertising networks for the best rate for your ads, then good news, you are one of few webmasters to earn as much money as possible!

If you are the ladder, bad news, you are losing revenue, every day!

To make things easier for you, we have gathered a list of the best advertising networks currently out there. We have added all the relevant details and descriptions of their strengths and weaknesses.


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Why should you change your advertising network today?

We often tend to do as we always do. We decide on something and then we continue doing it forever and ever.

The way we choose an insurance company, electricity and gas provider is normally on a first come first serve basis.

With ad networks, it's mostly the same. However, if you decide to put some pressure on the companies that provide you with your internet broadband, insurance or gas they will most likely drop the rates and you end up paying less as they don't want to lose you as a customer.

When it comes to advertising networks, however, they will put the rate up if you put them under pressure!


 You can earn more

It's likely the network you are using to monetize your ads are seeing a very healthy margin between the rate the advertiser pays them, and what the network pays you. Therefore, if you test around with some other solutions, or even just mention that you might, they will surely accommodate your needs better and increase your earnings. If nothing of this happens, you will surely get a good deal from the new network you are talking to.

  1. Get more attention and better service from your account manager

    Networks don't want to lose your business. Every publisher matters to them and if they realize you might leave them to try another provider they will become more attentive.

    You will get more attention from your account manager, and if you need something fixed the service level will increase! If you go to a new network they will make sure they give you anything you need in order to make you stay with them. All in all, you can't lose!

  2. Find a better technical solution

    You might be familiar with the technical solution that your ad network provides. Maybe you know all the ins and outs of the ad server they use and the bugs you have to live with every day.

    Even though you might be familiar with the systems, there might be a good idea to search for a new network. The networks tech solutions differ a lot and it's always a good idea to find out which one works best for your site.

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Can I run several networks at the same time?

The short answer is; yes! You can run as many networks alongside as you want, however, it might be easier for you to run with only one.

Normally there's no problem at all to run one banner ad from one advertising network, and a pop-under ad from another ad network for example.

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How do I find the best ad network?

You will find most of the biggest networks a bit further up on this page. We have gathered them all here for an extensive list.

You are also welcome to read all of our info we have written about each of the advertising companies.

What advertising network is the best?

Well, if we had the answer to that we wouldn't have to do so much daily research! Most of the networks have their own positives and negatives.

All sites have their own specific audience. To know what works for just your audience you need to test a few different advertising providers.

One that is good for your fellow webmaster, might not be the best one for you.

Volume, geographics and interaction on your site determine what network you should choose.

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If you have any further questions we are more than happy to help you! Please visit our contact page

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